Seasonal Care

Duration of treatment: 60 min

Price of treatment: 1 300 CZK

Product lines inspired by the natural rhythms of the body during the changing seasons.

Description of treatment:

The treatment helps the skin to overcome changes in the season. It stimulates selected organs to support the adaptation of the skin to different times of the year. Reflexological procedures: stimulation of overworked and debilitated organs by season: liver (spring), heart (summer), lungs (autumn), kidneys (winter).

Course of treatment:

  • Skin preparation - make-up removal, deep skin cleansing, gentle peeling
  • Skin diagnostics
  • Supplying energy to the skin
  • Reflexology massage and stimulation
  • Deep skin treatment
  • Skin renewal
  • Adaptation and skin protection - City Protect
  • Recommendations for home care

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.