Hydra, Sensi, Pure: Re-skinning treatment

Duration of treatment: 70 min

Price of treatment: 1300 CZK

Unbalanced skin ages faster, balance restorative products rebalance and compensate skin dysfunctions. After restoring balance, the skin retains a youthful appearance.

Course of treatment:

  • Skin preparation - make-up removal, deep skin cleansing, gentle peeling
  • Skin diagnostics
  • Supplying energy to the skin
  • Stimulation and relaxation - facial and décolletage massage
  • Deep skin treatment
  • Re-skinning
  • Skin Protection - City Protect
  • Recommendations for home care

We offer treatments in three variants:

  1. HYDRA: provides the skin with water as a source of youth. Immediate filling effect
  2. SENSI: restoring a pleasant feeling for sensitive skin. Neutralizes inflammatory factors causing skin aging
  3. PURE: treatment of deficiencies, confusion and pore refining

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.