Excellage-holistic treatment for face and body

Duration of treatment: 90 minutes

Price of treatment: 2 500 CZK

It is designed for mature women requiring prestigious treatments that combine efficacy and sensuality to achieve a unique and lasting result.

Description of treatment:

Unique regenerative, highly soothing, compacting and firming treatment that helps restore important cellular functions of the skin. Combination of highly effective formulas, manual techniques and relaxation rituals for visible results from the first treatment.

Course of treatment:

  • Relaxing ritual for back and shoulders
  • Rejuvenating skin preparation - smoothing peeling and nourishing cleansing with exfoliating cream in oil with smoothing micro-peeling
  • Supplying energy to the skin
  • Smoothing wrinkle after wrinkle - lifting massage using elixir with camellia oil
  • Exodynamic mask - in combination with innovative lifting techniques, activates microcirculation for long-lasting radiance
  • Lifiting eye contours
  • Hand treatment mask and hand massage
  • Adaptation and skin protection - City Protect
  • Recommendations for home care

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.