Esthelift rejuvenating care

Duration of treatment: 100 minutes

Price of treatment: 2 200 CZK

Duration of treatment with eye contours: 110 min

Price of treatment with eye contours: 2 400 CZK

Natural lifting inspired by physiotherapeutic techniques and aesthetic treatments for triple effect ​

Description of treatment:

Stimulating the various facial muscles that are responsible for sagging skin to improve and shape the contours of the face. Working with skin tissues and activation of micro-cycle.

Course of treatment:

  • Skin preparation - make-up removal, deep skin cleansing, gentle peeling
  • Skin diagnostics
  • Supplying energy to the skin
  • Smoothing and drainage with wrinkle eraser
  • Deep skin treatment
  • Hand lifting massage
  • Skin regeneration, optional drainage of eye contours
  • Adaptation and skin protection - City Protect
  • Recommendations for home care

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.