Basic treatments- Osmoclean/Osmopeel

Duration of treatment: 45 min

Price of treatment: 750 CZK

Unique and very considerate method of deep cleansing.

Description of treatment:

During this basic treatment, the skin will be oxygenated, which will be full of energy and better receive further therapy. Treatment of the first signs of skin aging. Preparing the skin for optimal absorption of active substances and enhancing the effects of skin care.

Course of treatment:

  •  Skin preparation - make-up removal, gentle deep   cleansing, gentle peeling
  •   Skin diagnostics
  •   Supplying energy to the skin
  •   Serum and cream application according to      diagnostics
  •   Skin Protection - City Protect
  •   Recommendations for home care

 Choice of 2 intensities:

Gentle - gentle (Osmoclean)
Rejuvenating - Youth (Osmopeel)

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.