Active Repair Rejuvenating Care

Duration of treatment: 85 minutes

Price of treatment: 1 600 CZK

Duration of treatment with eye contours: 95 min

Price of treatment with eye contours: 1 800 CZK

Anti-wrinkle treatment, using wrinkle rubber,  lymphatic drainage massage to give skin radiance and smoothing.

Description of treatment:

Stimulating skin tissue repair to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen the skin's support structure from the inside. overall improvement of skin quality. Wrinkle treatment, providing radiance and detoxification. Strong recovery of tired skin.
Proven manual techniques combined with proven efficacy products ensure deep relaxation.

The course of treatment

  • Skin preparation - make-up removal, deep skin cleansing, gentle peeling
  • Skin diagnostics
  • Supplying energy to the skin
  • Smoothing and drainage with wrinkle eraser
  • Lymphatic drainage massage and detoxification
  • Deep skin treatment
  • Skin regeneration, optional drainage of eye contours
  • Adaptation and skin protection - City Protect
  • Recommendations for home care

Esthederm products include unique cellular water.