Why Beauty Queens studio was created ...

My dream was to find a place not only to make me beautiful, but also to explain how to care for myself so that my beauty would be healthy.

"Beauty is health that can be seen, and personal well-being is health that can be felt."

I have never experienced any institution where it would go under the surface, where beautiful skin and healthy lifestyle, physical and mental well-being would be connected. Most of all, I missed a clear explanation of how to take care of myself comprehensively.

So there was no other choice but to start building such a studio alone.

In my previous work experience, I dealt a lot with personality, motivation and mental condition. So it made a lot of sense to look at people from outside and help them to have a healthy beauty and well-being.

There are 3 main service areas in the studio:

  • Facial care-beauty treatments
  • Body care-reconditioning massage / therapy, vacuum anti-cellulite treatment
  • French cosmetics Esthederm Institute for home care

I perceive cosmetic services and procedures as a very individual work with individuals, where we work together to achieve their goal. I chose the cosmetics brand very carefully and found the Esthederm Institute, which inspired me totally and supplemented it with Emani Vegan vegan decorative cosmetics.

In the area of ​​body care I work with top professionals in my field.

So my goal is a very comprehensive service and a view of healthy beauty and especially that you feel good with us.

Yours Iva

We tried to make you feel Royal ...